PICSYNC PROFESSIONAL includes all features from
PICSYNC ADVANCED and offers extended functions to handle cutlist files from Keykode management systems like Aaton Edilite, AVID Filmcomposer, Excalibur (FLX and FTL Files).

Edit cutlist with

A selection of the functions of PICSYNC PROFESSIONAL

  - Appending reel cutlist files to whole cutlist with original Edit and Reel number
  - Synchronization to Digital Video and / or filmcutting equipment
  - Comparing cutlist Keykode with burn in Keykode from Video
  - Shows two Keykodes within dissolves and fades
  - Searching for Keykode and any other cutlist data
  - Sorting selected cutlist columns vorward and backward in synchronization with the video
  - Printing whole cutlist and selections of in sorted and unsorted mode
  - Printing whole opticals, or Keykode at optical center
  - Editing the colums: “Comment”, “Reel”, “Roll”, “Scene”
  - Displays Keykode in “+” and ”-” mode
  - “Hide” and “Unhide” selcted coloums and cutlist header
  - Selecting Cutlist display font.

Download PICSYNC manual or Demo Software

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