PICSYNC FIRST offers the basic functions of synchronizing Digital Video and filmcutting equipment, to afford 100% security and frameaccuracy when cutting negative or postconforming prints according to a video workprint. PICSYNC FIRST is offered for the lowest price an can be updated to PICSYNC ADVANCED and PICSYNC PROFESSIONAL at any time. 

DIgital Video has to be transferred to the harddisk of the computer, Analog Video must be digitized. PICSYNC FIRST gives you acces to the whole Video with the functions of play, stop, scroll and single frame step forward and backward.  Synchronize the filmcutting equipment to the video with a click to the cogwheel symbol. When scrolling or playing the video the synchronization is kept in the background and can be resynchronized with a mouseclick.

One filmframe is synchroized to one Videoframe but PICSYNC also offers 24 to 25 and 24 to 30 frame converting by skipping doubled frames.

MOVIECODE offers framecount encoders which have to be mounted to the filmcutting equipment, but existing electronic counters can be used as well. The MOVIECODE SYNC-BOX is connected via USB to the computer and provides two inputs for 16mm and 35mm which can be switched within the PICSYNC Software. The MOVIECODE OPTO-BOX is necessary when using existing electronic counter to prevent electronic interferences.

The low price and the easy installing to any desktop or notebook computer which plays video and provides two free USB ports makes PICSYNC FIRST to the FIRST choice for starters or low budget productions within negative cutting and postconforming.

Update to
PICSYNC ADVANCED for counting and calculating functions !

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