Computercontrolled Filmnumbering

The system is based on continuous flowing Ink-Jet system, which is also used to print the dotted date signature at the bottom of drinking cans. There is lots of electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic stuff inside which makes the machine run with up to five feet per second!
The single machine can be used for Roll-numbering and Source-Timecode-numbering.
Slate Numbering  takes place at a logging table, where take and slate numbers will manually entered at the beginning of each szene, which is identified by framecounting. The log data and the rolls will be transferred to the numbering machine where the numbering runs from tail to head in highest speed.

A Timecode reader produces a logfile, which will be numbered to picture or sound to make the timecode visible.

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Rollnumbering 16mm

Rollnumbering 35mm

Slatenumbering 16mm

Slatenumbering 35mm

Timcodenumbering 16mm

Timecodenumbering 35mm


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