The MOVIECODE history

MOVIECODE was founded in April 1988 in Berlin to market our proprietary computer controlled Filmnumbering technology. We have been expert in handling Keykode and Timecode data for filmcutting.

There have been MOVIECODE filmnumbering services in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Amsterdam and London. In spite of the digital age of filmediting, the last service was closed in 2013.

The early developement of MOVIECODE CUTMATRIX and PICSYNC kept the MOVIECODE company up to date and filled a very specialized gap in the filmindustry:
Since 1996, MOVIECODE PICSYNC has been the product of choice for major film labs and freelanced negative cutters. Picsync´s wide range of functions have met the demands of professional users across the boards. In the digital age of the movie industry, negative cutting becomes obsolete as well.

The Company MOVIECODE Jastram Filmtechnik was closed end of November 2013.

This website will stay alive for reminiscence of the fascinating MOVIECODE technology.

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