PICSYNC ADVANCED includes all features from
PICSYNC FIRST and offers a row of different meters to check the Digital Video, to synchronize PICSYNC to printed cutlists and to measure and calculate lengths and times of film and video.

The Main Meter give access to each frame of the Digital Video and can be set to Frames, Meter or Feet. It can be individually set, runs through the whole video and is used to synchronize printed cutlists (KDL).

The Timecode Meter with 24, 25, 30 and 30DF mode has to be set to the Record Timecode of the Video and is used to check the length of the video and to synchronize printed EDL.

The Calculator Meter with all modes of the Timecode and Main Meter is used to measure single szenes from video or film and to lengthen black spacing and clear leader. By the selection of input value and dispaly mode all lengths and times can be calculated.
Each Meter is displayed within an own window and can be adjusted in position and size to match the burn in informations of the Video or th requirements of the user.

With the advanced functions for checking, measuring and calculating, PICSYNC ADVANCED is the right tool for negative cutters and post conformers who use a Keykode management system which can not produce one of the cutlist filetype PICSYNC PROFESSIONAL is able to import. The different meters allow quick acces to any part of the video and speed up the workflow by the handsome interchange between Film, Video and Cutlist

Update to
PICSYNC PROFESSIONAL for lots of cutlist functions !

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